Human Resources

We aim to create
an equal society without
international economic
disparity through educating
and introducing valuable
human resources.

We are engaged in the recruitment business to connect Japanese companies suffering from labor shortages and foreigners who want to work in Japan. We promote "Specified Skilled Worker Visa", a new option for foreign workers, and aim for an equal society where all people are given job opportunities.

“Specified Skilled

“Specified Skilled Worker” is a new type of visa granted only in 12 fields,
including food service industry, lodging, and nursing care, in order to alleviate labor shortages in Japan. This is a new option for foreigners who want to work in Japan.

  • Food Service Industry
  • Accommodation Industry
  • Nursing Care
  • Building Cleaning Management
  • Manufacture of Food and Beverages
  • Machine Parts and Tooling / Industrial Machinery /
    Electric, Electronics and Information Industries
  • Construction Industry
  • Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry
  • Automobile Repair and Maintenance
  • Aviation Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Fishery and Aquaculture Industries
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We nurture human resources who are full of dreams, hopes, and
motivation to "Work in Japan!"

At MIRAI Japanese Language Schools, we provide education in various fields such as Japanese language, Nursing Care, Food Service Industry, Manufacture of Food and Beverages, and so on.
At the time of admission, a Japanese staff member conducts an interview, and only students with clear "dream", "hope", and "motivation" to work in Japan are accepted! Education is provided by Japanese teachers!


We operate schools in various countries,
mainly in the Philippines.

  • Cebu School (Philippines)
  • Davao School (Philippines)
  • Cavite School (Philippines)
  • Bogra School (Bangladesh)
  • Bekasi School (Indonesia)

■ Registered Supporting Organization

■ Job description

Overseas / Operating Japanese language schools (Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh)

Domestic (In Japan) / Online classes for foreigners in Japan.

■ Contents of the lesson

Japanese and Nursing care

■ School tuition


Recent Report
Reporting on the current status of graduates.

I am so thankful for being able to work in Japan!


27 / From the Philippines / 3 years in Japan

I have once worked in Japan for three years and have come to love the country. I've always wanted to go back to Japan and work as a caregiver, so I'm really glad that I met "MIRAI". MIRAI not only helped me improve my Japanese language skills free of charge, but also gave me a chance to work in Japan. After coming to Japan, I want to not only work hard, but also study Japanese conversation and Kanji every day so that I can communicate well with Japanese staffs and customers. I also want to become a certified caregiver and live and work in Japan for a long time.

My goal is to become a certified caregiver.


25 / From Indonesia / 3 years in Japan

It has been almost half a year since I started working at a facility for the disabled in Chiba Prefecture. The work environment is great and I enjoy working there every day! I have been living in Japan for 4 years now. I was tired of the city where I used to live, but I am happy where I live now because it is in a quiet place. I was in trouble without a job, but thank you for connecting me with this great job. Thank you MIRAI, I am glad I met MIRAI! I want to become a certified caregiver because I want to work here for a long time!

Road Map

Introduce the process from
entering school to start working!


"I want to work in Japan! I want to work in Japan for a long time and support my family!" There are many students with such high aspirations enroll in our schools.


At MIRAI Japanese Language Schools, we provide education in various fields such as Japanese language, Nursing care, Food service, Food and beverages manufacturing, and so on.

Practical Training

After completing a variety of curriculums such as nursing care practice and restaurant serving practice, students prepare to leave for Japan.


We share job posting information received from corporations in Japan and set up interviews with MIRAI students.


After the interview and selection process, students receive an offer of employment and the students accept the offer.

Graduation, Preparation for Departure

After accepting the offer, we prepare for the necessary procedures to enter Japan and the company and support visa applications.


MIRAI Japanese Language School boasts a high recruitment track record with a large number of contracted companies and students making job offers and joining our company. * As of Sep. 2023


We have received various words
of thanks from our clients.

MIRAI’s 3 Services

We support both the facility and the foreigner
to have a win-win relationship.




Registered Support
Organization Services
[Before Coming to Japan]


Registered Support
Organization Services
[After Arriving in Japan]


Recruitment Service

Introducing graduates who have studied Japanese language and expertise at our Japanese language school or online school to companies.


Foreigners from
various countries
are now registered!

They want to work hard in Japan for their future and for their families, so they are willing to work longer!

of Capable
Human Resources!

Many students have worked in Japan or have qualifications in their home countries and already have knowledge and skills.

Recruitment is
also available!

We have a solid system for multiple hires, with an experience of 30 workers entering one company at the same time.

Steps to a Job Offer

Step 1

Hearing about the Job Offer

We ask about the company’s job description, salary, age limit, necessary skills, religion, personality, to get a detailed picture of the kind of person the company is looking for.

Step 2

Introducing Suitable Candidates

We select candidates who fit the profile we ask for and share their resumes with the company.

Step 3

Resume Screening

After the background and Japanese language qualifications of the candidates being checked, those who pass the resume screening proceed to an interview.

Step 4


We can conduct interviews in any style, such as online and
face-to-face, and of course, we can conduct a second round of interviews.

Step 5


After consideration at the company, those who are accepted proceed with the visa application.
*No fees are incurred until the job offer is accepted.


Registered Support Organization Services [Before Coming to Japan]

Registered support organization service to assist with the preparation of visa documents required for employment, advanced guidance, and other necessary procedures prior to employment.


We have staffs
available for native
language support!

Smooth communication with human resources by our staffs capable of providing support in their native languages.


We will resolve issues quickly when problems arise or when you are in trouble.

Resignation rate


*Achievement in FY2022:
3 resignations among 150 new employees. (Low resignation rate)

Flow of Employment

Step 1Recruitment
Step 2Acceptance
Step 3Visa Application
Step 4Entry into Japan
Step 5Start Working

Registered Support Organization Services [After Arriving in Japan]

Employment support services in various aspects, such as airport pick-up and drop-off, necessary procedures for staying in Japan, and periodic interviews. * Only “Registered Support Organization Services” for those who are already employed is available.

Contents of Registered Support

Advance guidance

Pick-up and drop-off when
entering and leaving

Contract support necessary
for securing housing and

Life orientation

Support for accompanying
public procedures

Providing opportunities for
learning Japanese

Counseling /
complaint response

Promotion of exchange
with Japanese people /

Job change support (for
personnel reduction, etc.)

Periodical interviews /
reports to administrative

MIRAI's unique support

Free online school for accepted employees to improve their Japanese language skills!

・Video materials are provided twice a week
・Study meetings with Japanese people four times a week
* Contents and frequency are subject to change.