Our Business

Water Issues

No sense of urgency regarding water crisis in Japan,
But many physical and economic water scarcity in the world

Our Products/Technology

We have 100L, 500L, 1000L type.
You can choose it depending on the scale you need!
For example, elixir-100 enables us to obtain 100L water a day.
The quality of the water from elixir meets the Japanese standard.
Useful for drinking, agricultural, industrial and domestic life.

Structure of water production of elixir

01 Purification of air
Removing dirt in the air by multilayered filter
02 Condensation
Condensate moisture in the air
03 Filtration
Purifying water with steps of filters
04 Circulated sterilization
Keep the freshness with automatic water circulation system
05 Ultraviolet sterilization
Sterilization by UV lamp
06 Safe water

Result of water analysis

Parameter Unit Results Standard Level Method
General bacteria CFU/mL 0 ≤100CFU/mL Standard agar medium method
Escherichia coli - ND ND MMO-MUG
Nitrate nitrogen mg/L 0.006 ≤0.04mg/L Ion Chromatography
Nitrate nitrogen and Nitrite nitrogen mg/L <1.0 ≤10mg/L Ion Chromatography
Chloride ion mg/L <2.0 ≤20mg/L Ion Chromatography
pH - 6.6 5.8 to 8.6 Glass electrode method
Smell - NAA NAA Sensory analysis
Chromaticity - 2.5 ≤5 Optical transmission measurement
Turbidity - 0.5 ≤2 Optical transmission measurement

Possibility Performance

  1. Better energy efficiency in producing water than using desalinating system
  2. Possibility in customization for different water shortage situations and climates such as desert area, droughty area, remote islands and occurrence of natural disasters

Energy System

01 Single crystal solar panels
Rated output:340W 
Energy conversion efficiency:16.6%
(Sunlight→Electric energy)
【Total output】
340W×220panels = 74.8kW
【Generation capacity】
02 Power conditioner(DC→AC)
Maximum conversion
efficiency:97.6% (DC→AC)
【Total output】
Rated output:20kW
【Charged capacity】
03 elixir
Water Production:1000L/day
Input Power:12.3kW
Power Supply:200V
【Discharged capacity】

Prototype in Japan

We have a site in Tomisato-city, Chiba prefecture, Japan. It’s the place where the elixir is combined with a solar power. This system works so well that anyone can see how powerfully it can produce water from the air. We have been collecting the data there and analyzing it for the better use. This system has a possibility that the elixir might be working under other type of renewable energy.

You can come and see this site in Japan. We always welcome you!

Prototype_in_Japan001 Prototype_in_Japan002 Prototype_in_Japan003 Prototype_in_Japan004 Prototype_in_Japan005

Horaiyabiru 6F, 5-2-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, JAPAN